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JAMES is Hot, Handsome and headed for trouble!


TRAINING JAMES Complete Series (Books 1-5)

On the surface, James has it all – looks, a god job and charisma. After yet another girlfriend leaves him due to his bad behavior, a mysterious dark-haired beauty takes him to her place for a night he’ll never forget. James’ world collapses as he tumbles into the dark world of BDSM. Flogging, bondage and CBT are part of his education. He has a lot to learn.   CLICK HERE to purchase on Amazon


DOWN TO BUSINESS   (Training James Book 1)

On the surface, James has it all – looks, a good job, and charisma. In a relationship, he’s a total heel. When his latest girlfriend leaves him for good, he’s picked up in a bar by a mysterious dark-haired stranger who takes him back to her place for a night he’ll never forget. What happens next is a twisting tale to the depths of BDSM. James has a lot to learn.   CLICK HERE to purchase on Amazon


THE OFFERING   (Training James Book 2)

Using a mousy coworker for booty calls isn’t satisfying his itch so James accepts an invitation to attend Mistress Desi’s fetish party. The mistresses are all too willing to help him face his need to be dominated as he enters their world of pleasure and pain.   CLICK HERE to purchase on Amazon



A JOB WELL DONE  (Training James Book 3)

Mistress Desi’s jealous slave, Asher, has been tasked with showing James the ropes. As the training progresses, James stands on the sidelines watching a Mistress violate a willing female client. His frustration leads him to make some bad decisions and break Mistress Desi’s rules. Consequences will follow.



OUT OF CONTROL (Training James Book 4)

James begins his servitude in earnest and is rewarded for his good behavior with special attention from Mistress Desi. A rogue Dominatrix tries to bully her way into Mistress Desi’s good graces then seeks to exact revenge by taking James away. He doesn’t consider the offer until Mistress Desi forces him to reexamine his service to her.   CLICK HERE to purchase on Amazon


PRACTICING RESTRAINT  (Training James Book 5)

With a disturbing experience behind him, James tries to find balance in his life. Instead, he finds that the “girl next door” isn’t as wholesome as he’d thought.

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